The Raven Performing Arts Theater

Dancing With The Stars at the Raven

An enteratining and rousing fundraiser.
For more about this event, and to meet the other teams, click here.
Saturday Nov 4, 7:30pm (Preview Performance Nov 2)


STAR: Bob Pennypacker
PRO: Zoe Richardson

To vote for this team,
make a tax-deductible donation
$1= 1 vote, $100 = 100 votes

As of 10/13, 100% of all online vote/donation dollars will be collected by the Raven
and given to the Redwood Credit Union’s North Bay Fire Relief Fund for Sonoma County
on behalf of you (the donor)
and the dance team you vote for.

Dance Style: Maxixe
Music: "Money" / Liza Minnelli & Joel Grey

STAR: Bob Pennypacker

Twenty five years as an architect took me to various corners of the globe. No matter where I was, architecture in all of its forms is all about the relationship between people and their buildings. Moving to Healdsburg and transitioning from architect to realtor at Healdsburg Sotheby's was natural--- Every day is all about people and their buildings in this beautiful place.

Watch this fun short video Bob
created about his team!

A turning point in my architectural career was working for theme park giants Disney and Universal Studios. Buildings had to be entertaining—running the gamut from drama to comedy. Those ten years changed (ruined) me forever. Now, being part of DWTS, no more behind the scenes! I get to cut to the chase, and I just hope on performance night, the audience will have as much fun as we are having. That said, the main reason I’m doing this is for the money. For the Raven. Vote early. Vote often.

PRO: Zoe Richardson

I was once nicknamed a “walking musical” because I go around singing and dancing all the time. I just love music and love to dance – end of story. I grew up doing shows and have always loved to be on stage. I am an Education Specialist at Lakeport Elementary School and my goofy personality lends itself to helping students learn social skills. We often have lessons, which involve acting, such as: myself cutting in front of the line, or pushing someone or screaming because I didn’t get my way. My students find it hilarious and at the same time we are learning a better way to get our needs met. I really enjoy the creative part of choreographing dances and just the sheer fun of dancing!

Nov 4, 7:30pm

$35 / $45 (front-center)
Preview Performance
Thursday, Nov 2

$20 General/$10 18 & under

Tickets available Sep 24.
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