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A video of the 2016 event is now available. Watch each of the dancers compete, listen to the judge comments, and see the trophies awarded!




STAR: Renee Mengali

PRO: Tyler Crandall

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Judges' Choice 1st Place: Bonnie Jean Shelton & Joe Gray
Judges' Choice 2nd Place: Renee Mengali & Tyler Crandall
Judges' Choice 3rd Place: Diane Dearmore & Mark Novak
Most Creative: Bonnie Jean Shelton & Joe Gray
Popular Vote 1st Place: Carol Noack & Eddie Vedolla, Jr.
Popular Vote 2nd Place: Renee Mengali & Tyler Crandall
Popular Vote 3rd Place: Sarah Laggos & Rafael Candelas


Your donation:
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Each dollar counts as one vote, i.e. $100 = 100 votes. 40% of the team’s final score is based on votes.
• AND supports the arts in our local community.
The Raven is a 501(c)3 non-profit performing arts center, FEIN 68-0470571. Donations may qualify as a charitable deduction for tax purposes.

The 2016 Dance Teams:

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STAR: Bonnie Jean Shelton

PRO: Joe Gray

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STAR: Carol Noack

PRO: Eddie Vedolla, Jr.

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STAR: David L. Hagele

PRO: Gloria Rubio

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STAR: David Stare

PRO: Megan Smith

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STAR: Diane Dearmore

PRO: Mark Novak

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STAR: Maureen Merrill

PRO: Rod Rehe

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STAR: Renee Mengali

PRO: Tyler Crandall

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STAR: Sarah Laggos

PRO: Rafael Candelas

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STAR: Shannon Carr

PRO: Nicholas Rauch

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Judging, Voting, and Trophys:

Each dollar you donate is a vote for your favorite team. $1 = 1 Vote,$10 = 10 Votes, $100 = 100 Votes. No limit to the number of your votes. All $$ donated benefit the Raven, a non-profit (donations are tax-deductible).

On Saturday night, we tally judges scores and total the dollar votes. We’ll award the "Judges’ Choice" award, the "Popular Vote" award (highest $ vote-getter), the "Most Creative" award (decided by our judges), and the "Grand Prize Winner -Mirror Ball," the most coveted prize in all of Sonoma County! The grand winners are determined by adding the judges’ scores to your $ votes. The names of our winners which will be inscribed on our perpetual Mirror Ball Trophy on display in our lobby all year long.


Meet the Judges:

Jose A. Santamaria

Kelly Casanova 

Frank Flores

John Ross


Director & Co-Producer: Vera Harvey

In her sixth year as producer and director for Dancing with the Stars at the Raven, Vera is very excited about this year's show. "It promises to be amazing!" Our dance teams have practiced hard to put on a great show and she hopes you enjoy it. Dancing since she was 7, she continues to learn… tap and Argentine tango are next! This year found her dancing in Raven's Hello Dolly. Previous shows include San Diego CCT's Oklahoma (clogger) and Sonoma's fundraiser "Dancing with Our Stars" (PRO).

During breaks from producing and directing, she choreographs, teaches, and performs on four different dance teams. Now happily retired from "work" for the second time, she considers herself more alive than ever through her love of dance and the wonderful people she meets on the dance floor. If you are not a dancer, she encourages you to try a dance class. Remember, life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Executive Producer: Tom Brand

Co-Producer: Susan Degive


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