DANCE TEAM: Rydell & Vedolla

Viveka Rydell
Eddie Vedolla Jr


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Dance: to come
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STAR: Viveka Rydell

Viveka Rydell, a former litigator, is now CEO of Pediatric Dental Initiative (PDI) Surgery Center, which provides dental services and education to low-income children. She believes that leaving the profession she trained for to follow her heart by running a nonprofit turned her life around. She moved from Sweden to the United States for college, and now raises her family in Northern California. She enjoys hiking skiing, and reading, but mostly relishes her time with her children.

PRO: Eddie Vedolla Jr

Eddie Vedolla, Jr., has won numerous dancing awards, including Jr. Country World Dance Champion and World Swing Dance Champion. He has placed second in two categories at the US Open Swing Dance Championships. His love of dancing stemmed from cheering his parents on in dance competitions (skipping school to stay in cool hotels and hang with fun-loving people weighed heavily in his enthusiasm). After a lucky encounter with "King of Swing" Buddy Schwimmer, he focused on mission to learn all he could about dance and teaching dance. Since age 20, he has taught dance at popular studios in Southern California, and most recently at Mendocino College. He works closely with several nonprofit performing organizations to help grow dance in his community. His passion has remained unwavering; he loves to share his believe that the social, health, and psychological benefits of dance are immeasurable. Eddie's advice to dance fans is, "be patient with yourself and consider the reward of learning the skill of dance."

Dancing With The Stars at the Raven

Bringing  the North Bay to its feet -- literally.
Local celebrities, "Stars" pair with dance Professionals to compete for your votes -- just like the wildly popular ABC-TV show.
Audience members and the public will vote for their favorite dance team by making donations. An entertaining, rousing fundraiser benefiting the Raven

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Fri Nov 9 - Sat Nov 10
Each evening includes unique performances by all contestants, special performances by the Pros, and guest appearances by local competitive dance troupes.

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Sat Nov 10
Get up close and personal with the Stars, Pros, and Judges.
The event at Costeau Restaurant includes appetizers and wine.

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