DANCE TEAM: LeBrett & Wayne

Jennifer LeBrett
Griffin Wayne


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Dance: to come
Song Title & Artist: to come

STAR: Jennifer LeBrett

Jennifer LeBrett is the Director of Business & Membership Development for the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, and mother of two teenage sons who have both performed and enjoyed many performances throughout the years at the Raven Theater. In her youth Jennifer was a gymnast, dancer and a member of a youth circus. At 16 she created and directed an after-school dance program for young girls because she knew the value movement and dance had brought to her life. When her eldest son started kindergarten at St. John the Baptist Catholic School, Jennifer helped spearhead a youth performing arts program. She recruited her brother as the director and helped with the production and chorography of the spring musicals and Christmas programs. At this time the Raven was just beginning to be used for theatrical performances, and she spent many hours back stage and in the alley behind the Raven during the children’s performances. She says, “I believe every community should have a place where performing arts can be showcased providing opportunities for both children and adults.” That is why this being a part of this fundraiser for the Raven is so near and dear to her heart.

PRO: Griffin Wayne

Griffin started dancing late in the 70's DISCO era. He always wanted to be John Travolta and secretly still does! Since the 70's, he has refined his dancing skills and performed on Buddy Schwimmer's Dance Team for 5 years and produced dance workshops for "Resort to Dance" for another 5 years. Here in Sonoma County, Griffin taught every dance from Country 2-step to Hustle to Night Club 2-step and Waltz for the last 20 years. He has particularily fond memories of his 8 years teaching at Kodiak Jacks in Petaluma. What a great dance floor that was! When he's not dancing, Griffin is a computer geek, loves to play his guitar and sing, and is very excited about dancing with Jennifer for this great fundraiser, Dancing with the Stars at The Raven. He hopes you all enjoy the show!

Dancing With The Stars at the Raven

Bringing  the North Bay to its feet -- literally.
Local celebrities, "Stars" pair with dance Professionals to compete for your votes -- just like the wildly popular ABC-TV show.
Audience members and the public will vote for their favorite dance team by making donations. An entertaining, rousing fundraiser benefiting the Raven

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Two Exciting and UNIQUE Nights of Dance!

Fri Nov 9 - Sat Nov 10
Each evening includes unique performances by all contestants, special performances by the Pros, and guest appearances by local competitive dance troupes.

And a VIP Reception!

Sat Nov 10
Get up close and personal with the Stars, Pros, and Judges.
The event at Costeau Restaurant includes appetizers and wine.

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