DANCE TEAM: Greer & Ross

Jessica Greer
John Ross


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Dance: to come
Song Title & Artist: to come

STAR: Jessica Greer

Jessica Greer, Miss Sonoma County, is a Junior at Sonoma State University majoring in Business. She was crowned in March of 2012 and recently competed in the Miss California Pageant where she won both the swimsuit and evening gown divisions. She is actively involved in the community, and has spoken at events ranging from City Council meetings to pop star concerts! She loves promoting her personal platform of fitness through dance, and hopes that her performance with John Ross will make you want to get up and dance too!

PRO: John Ross

John Ross is the Director of The Ballroom in Rohnert Park, which he founded in 1998. For more than thirty years John has taught dance to thousands of students. His success stems from conveying to his students that everyone has the innate gift of dance and that gift is not to be judged by anyone--including ourselves. His philosophy goes a long way to explaining why John generally shies away from competition---although he's made exceptions for the Raven Dancing with the Stars at the Raven events. He believes, as Snoopy does, that "Dancing is the purest art form!" He adds, "It's pure self-expression!" (Charles Shultz himself was one of John's dance students.) This view governs his performances and his classes; people get much more from learning to dance with John than simply learning to dance.

Dancing With The Stars at the Raven

Bringing  the North Bay to its feet -- literally.
Local celebrities, "Stars" pair with dance Professionals to compete for your votes -- just like the wildly popular ABC-TV show.
Audience members and the public will vote for their favorite dance team by making donations. An entertaining, rousing fundraiser benefiting the Raven

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Fri Nov 9 - Sat Nov 10
Each evening includes unique performances by all contestants, special performances by the Pros, and guest appearances by local competitive dance troupes.

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Sat Nov 10
Get up close and personal with the Stars, Pros, and Judges.
The event at Costeau Restaurant includes appetizers and wine.

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