DANCE TEAM: Gotti & Byun

Jennifer Gotti
Raymond Byun


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Dance: to come
Song Title & Artist: to come

STAR: Jennifer Gotti

Jennifer Leigh Gotti is the Human Resources Manager at Brayton Purcell, LLP in Novato. Some of her recent successes and strengths have been to promote Wellness in the workplace through various programs, and to walk the line between an employee advocate and looking out for the good of the Firm. She believes in giving back to the community and is active in several Marin County organizations. She chairs both the Marin County Workforce Investment Board and the Marin Chapter of the NCHRA. She also serves as president of the Sunny Hills Services board. She has performed at College of Marin in jazz, hip hop, African, and salsa styles. She performed Off Broadway in the musical Viva Cuba. She thinks the best part of dancing is keeping up with current music and hanging with the girls, which makes her feel young and keeps her in shape. She is excited to finally try pair dancing! Jennifer is no stranger to fundraising and loves a challenge. She and her partner hope to impress the judges and raise enough money to take home the Mirror Ball trophy!

PRO: Raymond Byun

Raymond Byun has been doing ballroom and break dancing off and on for 14 years. As a child, he felt like he had no identity until he took his first dance class at age 12 with Nordquist Ballroom in Santa Rosa. "I learned I had a talent in something, and it became a lifelong love obsession." After a few years of ballroom training, he met bboy Eric Fresco, who taught him about breakdancing, both the moves and the culture behind it. He credits dance with teaching him confidence, etiquette, a sense of self, and creative expression. He currently teaches beginner and intermediate hip hop at Dance Studio B, and battles with his crew "Those Villians."

Dancing With The Stars at the Raven

Bringing  the North Bay to its feet -- literally.
Local celebrities, "Stars" pair with dance Professionals to compete for your votes -- just like the wildly popular ABC-TV show.
Audience members and the public will vote for their favorite dance team by making donations. An entertaining, rousing fundraiser benefiting the Raven

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Fri Nov 9 - Sat Nov 10
Each evening includes unique performances by all contestants, special performances by the Pros, and guest appearances by local competitive dance troupes.

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Sat Nov 10
Get up close and personal with the Stars, Pros, and Judges.
The event at Costeau Restaurant includes appetizers and wine.

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