DANCE TEAM: Chambers & Guido

Tom Chambers
Janelle Guido


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Dance: to come
Song Title & Artist: to come

STAR: Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers is currently a member of the Healdsburg City Council, and has been mayor of the town twice. An engineer by profession and eduction, he's also been a logger, a teacher, a contractor, and an operations manager. He is a huge dancing fan; in fact he performed in a Scottish dancing demonstration for a decade. "I could always make my kids behave by threatening to start dancing in public." These days he enjoys being on the sidelines: "My heart soars when I see my daughter dance."

PRO: Janelle Guido

Janelle Guido has been dancing West Coast Swing for five years and now competes at the All-Star level on the West Coast Swing Circuit. You will find her every Tuesday night teaching group classes at the WNY Warehouse. Janelle was a figure skater growing up, but once she found West Coast Swing at eighteen, she was hooked and has not stopped dancing since! She loves having the opportunity to compete and enjoys teaching and coaching dance all over the West Coast. Janelle has a Culinary Degree from SRJC, and loves having dance and cooking as two of her passions in life! In the inaugural Dancing with the Stars at the Raven, Janelle and her partner, Will Seppi, were declared the overall winners.

Dancing With The Stars at the Raven

Bringing  the North Bay to its feet -- literally.
Local celebrities, "Stars" pair with dance Professionals to compete for your votes -- just like the wildly popular ABC-TV show.
Audience members and the public will vote for their favorite dance team by making donations. An entertaining, rousing fundraiser benefiting the Raven

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Two Exciting and UNIQUE Nights of Dance!

Fri Nov 9 - Sat Nov 10
Each evening includes unique performances by all contestants, special performances by the Pros, and guest appearances by local competitive dance troupes.

And a VIP Reception!

Sat Nov 10
Get up close and personal with the Stars, Pros, and Judges.
The event at Costeau Restaurant includes appetizers and wine.

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